Details of a student, parent, and teacher information schoolsolution software erp Isn’t managing a school, its students, parents, staff a big problem to do manually. Yes of course it is. To get rid of this problem we have come up with school management software which can do all your work with just the help of one click. Henceforth data storing and managing is not an issue with our all in one ERP for school management in Jalgaon

Noted below are some of the highlighted features from our system which will ease your day to day school management tasks, and it’s easy and reliable to manage.

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1)Students Entry

  • Normal students entry with all required details: The system facilitates data entry of students the centralized form such that each students record are managed at a go. Students records can be edited, deleted and changed whenever required. Also, special user access levels are provided to avoid data compromise.
  •  View complete information of the student from their account: Students information can be retrieved according to filters such as by class, division, year of admission etc which can be exported to excel file.
  • Fees, activities, remarks, records: Individual tracking can be done on fees, remarks, previous records of a particular student by using our all in one school management web portal website.


students data entry schoolsolutions software erp

2)Add Student/View/Update/Delete

  • Search for just about any users using the search bar: Users searching our particular data in search option which helps easy to manage self-data.
  • View profile coming from all users centered on the tasks: Student users create self-profile image change and update. The Specific identity of each student views my profile.
  • View/Edit users password and liberties: Security is provided to each user account create user Id and password separately a system. Manually user changes own password. Self-authority provided for editing and updating.
  • Set privileges to users as per their functions: 


In best ERP software Jalgaon providing data manipulation, centralized data collection are managed by import-export history. Collecting data are in soft format if required information which is print instant soft to hard conversion service providing. Fast and quick information find out in a large amount of data.

4)Personal Details/School Details/Parent Detail

All users create own personal account and fill detail information about us like as student information, teacher information and parent information creates the best school management system. School management system easy to maintain three major roles of management system software ERP is connected in a single circle.

Details of student, parent and teacher information schoolsolution software erp

1)Teachers Entry-

The system facilitates to save or centralize student as well as teachers also, online data entry process are available to updates their each and every data. This details will use for different work easily. All staff are used for different classes work updation, event information, meetings information, management details approve.

2)Add Teachers/View/Update/Delete

  • Edit/Delete Info categories created-User can log in account, add different filed like profile, data entry field if not required field also deleted. School management system information contains a primary thing which is very useful for a user account.
  • Manage whole data of the school- In ERP system software are very useful to manage whole school data. It is the best school management system software Jalgaon.
  • Customise the fields as required by the customer- User is customizing account modifying and some several changes can do.
  • Energetic data management system available- A Large amount of data school management system emerge data at the center


Simply it’s the data transaction process. School management system software gathers all data information for import and export data at one platform.

Import and export data information distributed like student class, marks, and subject wise. Also, teachers and parent detailed are importing and exporting.


Import-Export Data


1)Parents Entry

The parent can see the facts about the students, as well as the academics progress of the students like the marks, received the details of the many activities that the pupil has participated, the cost details etc. Also, the Father or mother can certainly communicate with the teachers at any time with the help of the messaging component.

  • Wise School ERP provides the login to the parents as well- All students parents provide the self-account which is a help to fill their own details. Account wise ID and password are giving to parents.
  •  The parents can log in to the device and has various privileges-It is very important to each user also, self-login are given school management software India.

Parent details


2)Add Parents/View/Update/Delete

Once a parent provides privileges use at that time for updation. They should be filled in additional details, address details, personal details. Also to Check pupil progress, if any query occurred about immediately inform of pupil teachers. Easy to communication between parents and teachers in school management software.




School management software India student group create the separate classes. Class wise schedule and details are created separately like classroom details, event, test, result, meetings, and different programs. Generate student-parent details also in-charge teachers details. The class schedule starts with its time which is planned.


School Create Class & Section-

In school have different classes included, each class divided into some sections. Increasing subsections in school solution erp by ascending order. The number of division divides into two section like class 10th as A and B subsection.

Smart Attendance Tracking

  • Easy noticing of attendance- List of students of a class can be easily listed out in the attendance sheet for the ease of the teachers. Faculties can easily manage attendance by entering minimum data.
  • Note/Remarks for attendance can be given- Tracking the attendance of the students is a very difficult task and it can be done with the help of this School software. Make a mark of students attendance list in software.
  • Different types of presence report can be utilized- The attendance of the students can be calculated and attendance sheet creation. Report generation like exam attendees details, daily attendees details.
  • Reports can be strained using the available filtration systems- Customizable attendance registers and reports in schoolsolution. Attendance tracking time is taken by the teacher will be reduced considerably. Generate smart attendance report of all classes student easily.


Teachers/Student Attendance-

Attendance system is a primary thing in school management system. The attendance management can also be done so that the attendance can be calculated with more simplicity for teachers and student. SMS or email notification for the parents of those students who are absent can be sent so that verification about the absence can be made. By this way, absenteeism can be checked to a great extent. Why a student absent report can be generated using school management software.

Today’s Attendance Add/Update-

Attendance is a daily basic starting school schedule of student and teachers which update. Easily take attendance of class and create attendees sheet, notify to parent those students which are absent. Different attendance sheet form for the different event like an exam, school program, meeting, cultural etc. Student, as well as the teacher, also separate attendance sheet form regularly. Teacher leave sheet creates of all staff.

View Today’s Attendance Report-

In a software check, everyday attendance report all attendees report generated in the special sheet which we also see absentees reason for that day absent student. Whole class attendance sheet available to all classes if we can see using view attendance.

Timetable Generator

  • Conveniently create flexible timetable- Easily create the flexible timetable for conducting classes in a planned manner. Teachers, students, parents can all view their respective timetables in their login
  • Timetables login view –  Users view them timetable on time which schedule is conducted. Follow time respective schedule see on thier logins.
  • Edit/Delete timetable center available- If any lecture which is off the change in timetable conveniently, teachers create own timetable if a change any schedule add temporary after completion can delete it.


Student Timetable

  • Make Smart/easy Drag and drop timetable- Schoolsolution module working time start on the base of student class timetable. Structure of timetable made by numbers of weeks, days and period module generating.
  • View students timetable- Weekly timetable form as one period schedule is an half of hour and short-long races include in a day. Follow the arrange schedule which is planned by the teacher.

Teacher Timetable

  • Alerts on subject limits per week while creating timetable- Also like student teacher have an own timetable weekly generated, schedule planning required to make utilizes time for teaching.
  • Alerts on employee subject boundaries while creating a timetable- Daily planned manner user as a teacher creates own timetable each has half an hour time period limit to conduct a class.
  • View the teacher’s plan- Decide lecture and some privilege have every teacher for work schedule manage, easily add and update schedule timetable if required.

Select Class Name/Add/Delete-

Management school find a solution useful to school work, it’s select class wise separate schedule also add a new class if any class form or remains.  Select from the class list which has chosen an option for a particular class as division. Add remaining class and fill details about those class, if any mistake form which also deletes or rechanges updates add.

Subject List-

Major main part of learning option is different subjects and their books. All standard have different subject books like Marathi, English, Mathematics, Science, Geography, History, Drawing etc. Subject wise books are available to teach with the help of them.


Add Subject/Edit-

School management software divides the part of learning through books, education purpose is conveying the knowledge to students by using different techniques. Module management software adds all subjects class wise. Primary classes and secondary classes have a list of books.

Edit Subject Details-

Every subject has code assign and creates specialty of a subject. If a subject has any changes required may change school software. Subject details like name allocated faculty, subject period, subject test, subject marks.

Subject Code/Name/Faculty/Book Name-

In school software India all subject name has special code assign. Subjects are distributed in faculty members number of books for subject wise listed.

Subject list



Generate and publish a group of all examinations for the existing educational year which will be obvious to Teachers, Learners and the parents using their respective logins. Check student knowledge and ability to give an exam. Management best erp different ability check by subject wise different test series. The result will be displayed by learners in their login.

Student Exam List-

Conduct exams for students and fill up all student data of attempting an exam. A separate exam list is a form which includes present-absent students details, exam duration, checking paper mark list, subject text details, and marks. Result sheet is available after the exam on user login.

Add Exam/Update Exam-

In software decide exam date then display exam whole schedule with timing and seating arrangement. Exam schedule if any change occurs immediately update information. Exam time table display on students, teachers, and parents account easy and time save school software developed India schoolsolution.

Select Class Name/Subject Name-

The class-wise different exam schedule is making depend on a subject and any other things. View exam information classes of students by selecting the class check details like an exam, exam-date, time, paper etc. Selecting subject and see subject paper details.

Exam Name/Start-End Exam Date-

School base software exam is a  part of crucial in success education most important for all student achievement called exam or test. Checking ability, progress, self-confidence, and growth of every student in the exam. The different exam is conducted like a test series, practice paper, unit test, Semester, annual exam.



Marks Analysis-

Software solution publish or notifying exam results to student user login

Add/Update/View Marks

Individual Class Performance

Marks analysis

Activity/Event Management

  • Create a different type of event- In year coming many events or create related event activity which is student activity celebrating
  • The description can even be given to different Event created- School event management store event each event description will be at calendar memo form. Event alert in calendar
  • Caption facility also accessible-
  • On holiday mark the event-
  • Can set the even popular among all using the checkbox available-
  • Create an event for a set of students and Staff-

Event management

Event E-alerts

  • Automatic excitation through SMS, Email and internal messaging system

Extracurricular activities


Create and share different events with faculty and students

Leave Calendar

Institute/Event Calendar

  •             Display Events, Examination, Vacations and Dues in the calendar-
  •             Separate color for every single action as categorised items above-
  •             Display information about the items on flying over the color areas in the calendar-
  •             Easy navigation of appointments month-

Calendar event

Setup Event Calendar-

Period of time, day, month, year included in the system which will notify or indicate event updates.


Compose Message/Sent/Receive

Parent-Teacher Collaboration-

The parent can see the facts about the students, as well as the academics progress of the students like the marks, received, the details of the many activities that the pupil has participated, the cost details etc. Also, the Father or mother can certainly communicate with the teachers at any time with the help of the messaging component


Faculty messaging-

The positive way of communication collaboration bonding in between staff quick activity will done.

Live Chat

  • Smart Chat will permit easy communication with your school real time- In regular period time, best erp software will chat with each other, like teachers any suggestions, query or problem discuss. Fast sharing activity is done.
  • No need for an exclusive chat server, everything is possible through Smart school ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING Application-Using inbuilt messaging or chat system use smartly and work will be done in just a time period. Best communication system applies in school real-time and forwards the message to a teacher-teacher, principal to a teacher, parent to a teacher it secured



Safe service providing to all students to reach their home, carrying students stop to school final destination. Schoolbus provides traveling management best feature work done. In school-bus through student travel, they have school-bus pass. On roads and highway, more safe security facility supply. Proper street stop decided then pick up students as that stop regularly.

Add Details-

Destination school to city specific school bus-stop point remark which stops student pick up.

Transportation Details

Vehicle Number Driver Name/Number

Route fee,Vehicle Route


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